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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Freezer Meals: My First Go Around

With my upcoming order of chicken from Zaycon Foods (a great place to buy meat, fruit and other items through the year) and seeing an increase in freezer meals blog posts, I decided I wanted to try making freezer meals. I looked up a handful of food blogs I like and found some slow cooker recipes and made a shopping list.

The day before I planned on putting these all together I labeled all my gallon size Ziploc bags with instructions to make it easier on cooking day. I also chopped all the vegetables  so I wouldn't have to chop them while having chicken mess all over the kitchen.

I couldn't have done this so quickly without Dan entertaining the kids. I first bagged 20 pounds of just chicken into quart sized bags for meals I wasn't planning on using for the slow cooker. Then I got to work. I made two of each recipe. Just throw everything into the bag and mix it up! Freeze them flat so when they are frozen you can move them to a more convenient location. It really is simple to just throw everything in. It is pretty fail proof. Some recipes state if you need to leave something out of the bag and to add it to your crock pot when you're ready to cook.

I haven't tried any of these but they come highly recommended and had great reviews, plus they smelled great as I was mixing up the bags. I'm sure you could really just look through your favorite slow cooker recipes and make your own list of dinners. The chicken pot pies and chicken parms do need be cooked so on dinner night you just need to throw some sauce on them and heat them up.

Chicken Pot Pie(Makes 3 pies)

I only did chicken recipes because my beef came in August and I didn't think to do this back then. But I found freezer meal recipes for twice baked potatoes, breakfast sandwiches, stews. You can also make two batches of soup and freeze one for later! The possibilities are almost endless! If you have any questions just let me know! This was my first time and it really went so smoothly. I'm just hoping they taste good!