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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Magic Eraser

A few months ago I purchased the Magic Eraser and I can't believe I've lived without it for so many years! I bought it to clean some color that got rubbed on my walls and unfortunately it did take some of the wall paint off too. So I used it mainly to clean off stains from paint from my kids' play table and that worked great. It wasn't until today that I thought of using it on my microwave window due to grease from pancake griddle. It worked magnificently! It is grease free and very crystal clear! I then decided to try it out on my stainless steel sinks. They were very dirty with grim and food stains. after scrubbing the build up I went over it again with an eraser and viola! They shine like the day we moved in!

 The obvious before shot, it's embarrassing to see how dirty it got!

 Same side, now cleaned with magic eraser!

I wonder what else i can use it on! I got some good use out of that sponge!