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Friday, March 2, 2012

Tot Activity: Water balls

A few months ago I found these at Michael's and decided they would make a good activity. Unfortunately I thought the beads would be clear and red, but they came out pink instead. I did hope on over to Amazon and found a variety of colors I will keep on hand for next time!

They start out tiny and when added to water they begin to grow. I left mine in for about 6 hours until they were ready to be played with.

 Jelly balls are so fun. I think they would even make a good stress relieving exercise for those of us who are stressed!

I know they look pink and yellow. That's only because the tray is yellow.

The little one played with these for hours!

Caution: These are very bouncy on tile or wood floors. Be prepared to chase them around. On carpet they are easy to pick up.

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