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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moon sand

Finally I found something that captures Ian's attention for longer than 10 seconds! I made some moon sand for him to play in with spoons, cups, cars and anything else he found in the kitchen drawers. He played with it for at least 2 hours before I finally couldn't take the mess anymore and had to clean it up.

 Moon Sand
8 c flour
1c baby oil

I just made half the amount and it was still plenty for one child

This does get a little messy, at least it did at my house, but sometimes I'll take that if it means my little man is happy and enjoying himself. He kept running back to the kitchen to find more things to scoop the moon sand with.

It smells so good and very soft on your hands too!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tot Activity: Water balls

A few months ago I found these at Michael's and decided they would make a good activity. Unfortunately I thought the beads would be clear and red, but they came out pink instead. I did hope on over to Amazon and found a variety of colors I will keep on hand for next time!

They start out tiny and when added to water they begin to grow. I left mine in for about 6 hours until they were ready to be played with.

 Jelly balls are so fun. I think they would even make a good stress relieving exercise for those of us who are stressed!

I know they look pink and yellow. That's only because the tray is yellow.

The little one played with these for hours!

Caution: These are very bouncy on tile or wood floors. Be prepared to chase them around. On carpet they are easy to pick up.