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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ladybug Towel

I took a short break from making Christmas presents to make a cute little ladybug hooded towel for a girl in my church who also lives a few doors down from me. I didn't know her at all until a few weeks ago. But when I heard about her situation I got her number and called her up (something I don't usually do because I'm rather quiet) but I decided I wanted to make her and her husband dinner once a week in the effort of getting to know them. So every Tuesday I would walk the two doors down and bring them a hot dinner so her husband could have a break at least once a week.

I guess I should tell the story....

She is on strict bed rest until she delivers her baby. She isn't due until the middle of January. When I first heard about her struggles with pregnancy I instantly felt like I wanted to help somehow.  She lost her first baby over a year ago before we moved on the block and then in July around the time I delivered Jack, she was pregnant with twins and lost one of the girls. She has been on bed rest since that time and was in the hospital for a few months. She was able to come home in October but had to be on strict bed rest. I can't imagine the struggles she has gone through. I would actually look forward to every Tuesday. You always think the struggles you face are so difficult until you meet someone else fighting a harder battle.

As I was planning dinner for that Tuesday night I got a call from her telling me she hoped I didn't start on dinner yet because she was in the hospital. The doctor decided they needed to take the baby since she wasn't growing properly. She delivered a 3 pound baby girl, and they are both doing well!

She is having a baby shower this week and I tried to think of a gift. I usually give burpies and pacifier leashes but I wanted to venture out and do something new! For some reason I wanted to make a ladybug towel and I scanned blogs to see if I could find a tutorial, unfortunately I couldn't find one anywhere. I only found an etsy shop where they sell for $40! So I came up with the idea myself!

 Here are my supplies, there are so many tutorials out there for hooded towels, but here is one for a cute ladybug!
- 1 bath towel
- 1 hand towel
- black felt
- white scrap towel pieces
-coordinating thread

 I'm not detailing every little step because I'm sure most of you know how to do this! If not there is plenty of help out there. Cut out the sizes you want for your eyes and pin to towel.

 I cut 7 black circles out of felt and pined and sewed to back of towel.

I zigzagged the eyes on to hopefully prevent fraying of the white towel.

 Make sure you sew very slowly when attaching the hood to the towel, it gets pretty tricky going through so many layers.

 Here she is!

 All I have are boys, so my little one here is modeling the towel. He didn't want to take it off!

I just realized I didn't get a good picture of the antenne, but I just used felt and tied knots at the top and hand sewed them to the hood.

Off he goes!

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