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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Great Find

I love going to DI. Don't do it as often as I once used to, but once in a while. I went this week with Ian and we found some steals! I've been wanting to make monkey bread for months but didn't have a bundt pan. I'm sure you could use another pan but I wanted it to be authentic. :) Anyways,  instead of spending $14.00 or more at Target for one, I found one in perfect condition at DI for $1.50! I was so excited. I'm sure Dan thought I had lost my mind but he smiled and said he was happy for my find.

Look at that monkey bread! It was so good. I think I've found my new Christmas morning breakfast! Just pop it in, open presents and 35 minutes later breakfast is ready.

My other find... not as exciting but with Easter coming I don't really have any Easter eggs. We want to start doing egg hunts with Ian so I found two huge bags for $1.00 each! We're talking 100+ eggs. Ian has already loved playing with them and throwing them all over the floor.

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