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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Upcoming Projects

I've realized with anything that if I don't write to do lists then nothing gets done that needs to. So I'm writing out some projects I want to get done. I'm not going to put a deadline on these because my weeks are busy now but at least I won't have to keep sifting through my billions of bookmarks looking for projects. So in no particular order:
- Secret Valentine Project- I will have all supplies by next weekend
- Crayon Roll for church
- Gak- another alternative to coloring on snowy days (or)
- Peanut butter play dough
- Puzzle Bag- keep all those puzzle pieces together
- Backseat organizer.... need I say more?
- BIG ITEM... felt playhouse for Ian's 2nd birthday. Yes I have 5 months to do this, but it's a big project!

Ok so these are the things I want to do first. Sure something may pop up before I finish, like burp clothes (once we find out what we're having) but I've needed a push to get something done. I've been not feeling very well for so long that now I'm finding it very hard to get crafty again. Hopefully this little reminder list will help me accomplish it.

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