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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Luggage Taglets

In preparation for our trip to New York I thought I'd make some luggage tags to make it easier to spot my bag at the baggage carousel. I brought in reinforcements from Fun to Craft for help. After the second or third time I had this down and was in my groove. I didn't spend any money on these either. Just used what I had lying around the house.

***Note: sewing vinyl is a pain. It moves around or sticks to the machine as you're trying to sew. Put paper on top of the vinyl and it moves like butter and doesn't pull or stretch the fabric!

First cut out your fabric. I used the dimensions found in the tutorial, next time I may make them a bit smaller.
Main Fabric Cuts:
(1) 4 x 5 1/2 inches
(1) 4 x 4 1/2 inches

Coordinating Fabric Cuts:
(1) 4 x 5 1/2 inches
(1) 2 x 12 inches

Fusible Interfacing
(whatever thickness of interfacing you prefer)
(2) 3 1/2 x 5 inches

Vinyl (if desired)
About a 3 x 3 1/2 inch piece

I assembled all the separate parts first and then I was ready to
assemble the end product. It was nice to have all the parts ready to be sewed. So first do the straps. Fold your long piece in half, lengthwise and iron. Unfold and iron each end into the fold line . Then fold down your already pressed middle again so the raw edges are tucked in and iron. You now should have a 1/2" piece that is 4 layers thick. Sew straight down the handle

Next: iron interfacing to the wrong sides of your 4 x 5 1/2 pieces. Be sure to iron the fabric side, not the interfacing side- it will ruin your iron.

Next: Vinyl
Center the vinyl piece to the right side of your 4 x 4 1/2 inch piece. (I followed the directions the first time on the tutorial but the frays annoyed me, when I sewed on the right side of the fabric the frays will be under the vinyl and less noticeable.)

Use a zig zag stitch all the way around the vinyl. then carefully cut a slit into the fabric center directly under the vinyl as close to the stitch as you can. Do not cut the vinyl!
Next: Piecing together. Do as I say: lay right side up your main piece, next lay right side up your vinyl piece, then put your coordinating piece right side down. Sew three sides, leaving top open to slip in your address paper.

Next: Trim the corners and turn right sides out Next: Fold raw edges under and put your handle in the middle. Sew the whole open edge and Voila! You are done!I made 5, more than enough and hardly any time at all to make!


  1. I have been wanting to make some of these... so THANK YOU for the tutorial! Have a fabulous day!


  2. ADORABLE!! My family and I have moved from our hometown of Houston TX to Phoenix AZ ( is HOT here) so we do a lot of traveling back and forth. I can not wait to make these for our luggage! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial! BTW Congrats on your lil miracle. I have one myself. :)

  3. Super cute! What a great idea for a gift for someone I know and I happen to have a small bit of vinyl lying about in wait for me to use it...

  4. Love it! Way to use what you had around the house. thank you so much for linking up to Upcycled Awesome!

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  6. These are so cute! You might need to open an etsy store :). Thank you for linking.

  7. I really love these!! Thanks for the tutorial!

    I'm starting a new sew along, come check it out at!

  8. I think this is so cool. And I hope you have a nice, safe trip to NY- my home town :D

  9. These are GREAT. So pretty. I would love to have them on my luggage.

    I saw you on Somewhat Simple. I would love for you to link up this great idea to my Christmas in July linky party...I am trying to put together a fab list of homemade gift possibilities.

    Hope to see this great project there.

    Just Another Day in Paradise

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    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

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  13. This is such a great idea. I used to tie a ribbon on my luggage, but I love you tag much much better. Thanks for sharing.

  14. These are so cute and I love your fabric choice!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

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  15. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this cute tutorial!

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  17. Hi~ I just signed up to follow your blog. I LOVE your tutorial! Thanks so much! I can't wait to make some as Christmas gifts.

  18. Your luggage tags turned out so cute! I've thought about putting this on my daughters backpack in case it gets lost. Thanks for the great ideas!

  19. really cute! I added this to my blog.

  20. I make similar tags. Love yours.
    I put a little strip of velcro at the end so id doesn't fall out.