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Friday, July 23, 2010

Booboo Bunnies & Fish

My sister made these for her babies years ago and I never got around to making them until now! I have many friends who will be having babies this fall and wanted to add one of these little guys to their bag-o-gifts. These are so simple to make.


Wash clothes. I used the baby ones from Target on clearance. Regular ones will work as well.

2 rubber bands

googly eyes

pom poms

Begin by rolling up one side to the center.

Roll up the second side so it looks like this.

After you roll the cloth attach the first rubber band, leaving enough room for your ice cube or reusable cube like I found at Bed Bath and Beyond. That way you can throw it back in the freezer and it's already for the next boo boo.

Fold the cloth back and secure it with the second rubber band right over the first one.

The final project. I think it is rather darling.

Here is the back of the bunny with his pom pom tail. You can add one for his nose too but I didn't have any small ones, I'm sure the big one would have looked ridiculous.

Since this cloth has fish I decided to make my son a boo boo fish. He loves the big googly eye.

Front view of the bunnies.

I made a bunch so when a baby arrives all
I have to do is pop one in a bag! I love the glittery tails.


  1. These things were really popular at senior center craft fairs when I was younger, except without the ice. Seeing them with a new (and genius!) use brought back lots of good memories of the fun little things my mom used to pick up for us!

  2. hihihi! These bunnies look totally cute! I have to try making these :) Great project for kids as well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cute! Do you have directions for the fish? And where on the bunny do you put the ice cube???