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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Awesome Floor cushion

For Ian's first birthday this Sunday, I'm making him a few things, one because money is tight this month with all the many celebrations that occurred earlier. Two: it's just more fun! The floor cushion was so easy to make and I think it doesn't even look homemade at all. I'm sure these little guys could go for mega bucks at Pottery Barn or something.
Supplies: 1 yard of home decorating fabric- the heftier stuff will make it more durable for throwing around 2 pkgs of 1/2 " premade piping
32 oz. bag of filling- more or less to your heart's content
I got all my supplies at JoAnns for under $12 (or course the fabric was 50% off!)

Cut two circles 21 inches in diameter
(you can make it any size you want just remember the larger you go the more fabric you will need.) Cut the long piece of fabric 9"x65" that will go between the two circles.
Cut two pieces 9"x 3" for the handle

Pin piping to both circles. Match up raw edges.

Make sure piping is tucked in a V formation. You don't want any raw edges showing.

Your fabric may not be long enough to make the center piece, so you may need to sew pieces together to fit.

Sew piping to one piece of the handle, lining up raw edges and then place the other handle piece right sides together and sew both long edges, leaving ends unsewn.

Here is the final result of sewing the piping.

Attach the middle piece to one of the circles, lining up all raw edges. Sew on top of the thread from the piping. This will help navigate and seal all pieces together.

Sew the handle on the side of the cushion, fold the edges under before you sew so there are no raw edges showing.

Sew the other circle to the middle
section the same way you did the first but be sure not to sew it closed. You need to leave 5 inches open to stuff it.

Fill the cushion with poly fil. I used the whole 32 oz. I like mine soft but full.

The last step: I used Velcro to close the hole
where we filled the batting. I'm not sure if I'll keep this, we'll have to see if the little man finds the Velcro and tries to open it. I figured in the future it would be an easy way to refill it if it goes flat or if you need to do hard core washing. If you'd rather not use the Velcro simply hand stitch it closed.


  1. Very cute! You could also use a zipper to keep it closed. I might try that when I make one, someday.

  2. This looks like a great cushion for any age to lay in the floor with and watch tv.